Getting a law degree does not mean that a new attorney will have the professional acumen to be able to associate with future clients or other attorneys in your office.  It is vital that Law Firms train new associates.  A law firms ability to grow is limited by their leadership.  If a law firm has continual training on leadership and the development of their staff they will see new heights.  Remember also that people attracted to you are not necessarily what you are looking for in an attorney but they will be like you.  In other words people are drawn to like minded people.  If you look around your law firm and you don’t like what you see then you might want to think about developing yourself into the type of people you want to attract.

John Maxwell talks about the “Law of the Lid”  The lid is basically your ceiling or the top potential you can reach given your environment, training, skill set etc.  A leader automatically has a lid depending on their  level of training and their capability to grow the firm by setting the example.  The Marine Corps always teaches that leaders first lead by example.  It is not as important what you tell your staff as it is important in what you show your staff by your example.

It is possible to increase your attorneys close ratio when in front of people by simply training them to care for people more than they practice law.  People like doing business with people they like.  The person setting across your conference table is not looking for the person with the most degrees as much as they are looking for someone who understands them, listens to them and makes them feel everything is going to be ok.  I have seen so many attorneys whether they know it or not, come across with a better than you attitude that turns off the future client.  Sure they want to see confidence but not arrogance.

A planned training strategy can alleviate a lot of basic problems in your law firm.  Training can help set a good culture and working environment and it can close more business.  Remember what you put into your staff is what will come out of your staff.  Are your attorneys getting the proper input?  Are you continuing to put good things into yourself?  Raise the bar in your law firm.  Develop a training strategy the makes your attorneys better people and continues to grow and stretch them.


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Branding for law firms is a vital must for any law firm that wants to be successful.  The story of who a law firm is and what they have done speaks louder than any commercial you can run about a specific product.  People buy from people they like and many times they are buying the stories or history of a law firm more than they are buying your particular services.

A brand is much like a website in that it should be the center from which all other things are built.  An attorneys website, television commercials, radio commercial, business card and even the receptionist office should be centered around your law firm brand.

A brand should say who your law firm is.  It should let everyone know what your strengths are and how you set yourself apart from your competitors.  The brand should give you a unique position and let your potential clients know the core area you own in a marketplace.

Think about it for a second.  Who are you?  What do others think of your law firm?  What is your key message and how do you communicate that message properly?  Do you have a message or are you just another Law Firm who has hung a shingle?  What message is most important to your customers and what is the best platform they should receive that message on?

I know there are many questions that need to be answered.  Unfortunately most law firms don’t even think about branding themselves.  They think it is enough to run a few yellow page ads and put up a shingle.  They don’t realize the importance of branding your law firm and how branding your firm can actually bring in better clients who are more qualified and ready to do business with you.

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Smart phone applications have been the craze for the last couple of years.  Law Firms who have their own Smart Phone Application can build a client base by staying in touch with their clients in a much easier way.

Lawyer Marketing Services, LTD will build both the Iphone App for attorneys and the Android App for attorneys so they can take advantage of a huge market of Smart phone applications.  The key to these applications is knowing how to use them and it is a vital part of the Iphone Application roll out strategy for each Law Firm.

With the smart phone application for attorneys the clients of the law firm can now get to know your attorneys, stay up on your latest blogs, see the latest news of the law firm, see the schedule of the attorneys, click a button to pull up a navigational tool to easily get them to the law firm and even use the legal camera to send pictures of car accidents directly to the attorney.

The cost of developing these applications is minimal and it adds a new dimension to your practice and gives the appearance of your firm being on the cutting edge of technology.  To inquire about  developing an IPhone or Android application for your law firm contact Lawyer Marketing Services at 918.409.2101 or clicking here to fill out the contact form.

I meet with a lot of attorneys who grew up in an era of radio broadcast and then television.  The Internet was introduced to them much later in life and as all of us do when we get older we tend to like the things we are familiar with and shun away from those things with which we know very little about.  I have taken great pleasure in trying to communicate with such attorneys how the Internet works in a basic easy to understand way.

Think of Google as your eyes that look for information as you move through out your day.  In a physical world we are limited by geographical structure and our eyes can not see a block or two over in order to gather information about the businesses and homes in that location.  Google is much like the eyes are except it breaks down the barriers of physical limitation and becomes the eye that can see many different streets and buildings and locations all at the same time.

When someone starts a search for information in Google they narrow down the street with which they want to search by typing in a location and then they further break down the location by specifics that relate to what they are looking for.  Several things come into play when you are looking for information in Google.

1. The structure of a Website – A website is much like a house in that it contains information about the individual living in the house.  It conveys information about their taste, their dreams, their desires and their past.  But what if you got to the house you wanted to see and the person that built the house did not build any windows or doors into the planning of the home.  Now no matter what kind of information is in the house or how good that knowledge would be you will never see it because the foundation and the general build of the home does not allow it.  A website is very similar.  It can have the best information, the most information and be exactly what you are looking for but the search engines will never see that information as the website was constructed poorly from the very beginning.

2.  Visibility of a Website – When you are driving down the road your eyes look for information to tell you which restaurant would best meet your need for a juicy hamburger.  Your eyes look to the restaurant on the left and it is run down and not maintained very well and their are only two cars that seem to think that restaurant is legitimate.  Then your eyes scan to the right and you see a huge sign that shows a juicy burger and a chocolate shake and the parking lot is filled with cars and smiling faces.  You naturally choose the place that is well maintained and where there is some validity of others choosing the good food.

A websites visibility is much the same but the terminology is a little different.  You see a website must also be maintained in order to continue to do well in the search results.  The search engines put some validity in how many other organizations, websites say that a particular site is important.  These are called inbound links.  The ranking on an inbound link is from 0 to 10.  An inbound link from a 9 ranked website is like the Governor saying your restaurant is a good place to eat and an inbound link from a 1 ranked website is like a total stranger dressed in rags is telling you a restaurant is a great place to eat.  The rank of the inbound links do matter and the number of inbound links matter as well.

3. Content (External and Internal) – Content is like the menu in a restaurant.  Some menus go into great detail about their burger telling you everything that is on it and how it is cooked.  The menu will explain the processing of the fine cut meat and how the cook takes careful consideration to insure the flavored juices stay inside of the meat. The more content you have the better you understand the product and the more validity there is to what you have found.

The content on a website is much the same way.  When a search engine indexes a website it considers the number of times key words are used and how important those key words are by looking at whether or not they are bold or if they have bullet points.  In a hamburger competition you would carefully review each menu and the one the best fits your idea of a perfect burger will win.  The content on a website is much the same way assuming of course that the site was built to allow the search engines to see your menu.  The more relevant the content and the more content the better.

You don’t want to pay good money for the kid down the street that has learned how to go to GoDaddy and put together a website.  If you are paying good money for your website you need someone who can get results and help coach you through the process.  Let Lawyer Marketing Services, Inc. provide that service to you.

Most websites that work have a monthly fee associated with them.  The monthly fee should be going to optimization of the website.  In some cases companies charge a lot of money for their attorney sites and never touch them again.  Companies most familiar to the legal community are Findlaw a Thompson Reuters company and Lawyers.com a Lexis and Martindale Hubble company.  Most of the Findlaw sites can be taken over and provided a nice monthly optimization package at about half the monthly cost.  Some of the Lawyers.com sites can be salvaged and turned into decent sites and yet others simply need to be dumped and a fresh start made.

It is not widely known that Findlaw and Lexis along with other web development companies have a 90 day cancellation policy.  The site should never go down in a transition if managed properly.  It is vitaly important that a site does not go down and leave the search engines wondering where the content has gone.  A site can be penalized for extreme down time.

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Video on a Lawyer or Law Firm website has become more of the norm and we are actually seeing an entire swing in the way websites are built with video.  Text has always been the driving force behind the way Google and other search engines find attorney websites but that too may be changing.  Google in particular tried a new algorithm during the last presidential election on their YouTube platform.  If you were to search for “lipstick on a bulldog” in YouTube you would not only get the Sarah Palin video but you would also get placed in the exact spot in the video at which Mrs. Palin said those words.  If this algorithm is adopted on a wide spread basis it would change the way search results are provided.  Once Google is comfortable with the way the video software pulls in results we could see a lot more weight placed on the importance of video.  I could actually see websites without text content at some point.  Video too will evolve and with software being developed video will give more of an interactive response to questions asked by the end user.

Remember the future is not that far away.  Just 2 seconds from now is the future.